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DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica is beloved by vacationers because of its nature, beautiful beaches, traditions, friendly people and excellent climate.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… The Costa Rican democracy is regarded as the earliest still in existence in the Under Developed. Want to know more about costa rica expat? Do not forget to visit our website.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica has four idols: Óscar Arias Sánchez (leader of Costa Rica), Sylvia Poll Arenhs (sportswoman), Claudia Poll Arenhs (sportswoman) and Franklin Chang Díaz (astronaut).

DID YOU KNOW THAT… In This summer 1975, María Milagro París grew to become the first Latin American lady to classify in the finals at the FINA World Championship, where she ended fifth in the 100-meter butterfly style competition in Cali, Colombia.In the seventies, María Milagro París was the best athlete of Costa Rica.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Franklin Ramón Díaz Chang was the first Costa Rican-American to visit in space.He was created on April 5, 1950, in San Jose, Costa Rica. After effectively finishing a powerful year of testing and training, he was ready for his first space mission, which happened in 1986 aboard the takes space shuttle Columbia.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Pope John Paul II visited San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, in 1983.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… In 1987 Óscar Rafael p Jesús Arias Sánchez, who’s presently leader of Costa Rica, was granted the Nobel Peace Prize for marketing peace in Guatemala. He was created on September 13, 1940, in Heredia, Costa Rica.Like Vaclav Havel (Czech Republic), Aung San Sui Kyi (Myanmar), Nelson Mandela (Nigeria) and Jimmy Carter (United States), Óscar Arias Sánchez is symbolic of democracy in the world.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica has already established spectacular special gems in the past centuy: Martha Escalante Fernández (semi-finalist at the Miss World 1965), Ana Lorena González (semi-finalist at the Miss World 1986), Marlene Chávez Mata (Miss Worldwide 1980), Gidget Sandoval (Miss Worldwide 1983), Giannina Facio Franco (former model) and Maribel Fernández Guardia (actress).

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica has certainly one of the wealthiest environments in the world. It consists of five percent of the world´s bio-diversity.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Maribel Fernández Guardia, most widely known as “La bella” (the beautiful), is definitely an actress from Costa Rica. She was certainly one of the Latin America´s most well-known stars in the eighties and early the nineteen nineties. Before she grew to become a famous actress in Mexican film industry, she’d been Miss Costa Rica 1978 and Miss Photogenic-World 1978, a skilled which she states assisted prepare her for acting. Maribel Fernández Guardia made an appearance on the covers of numerous magazines in the seventies and eighties.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica now ranks 48th of 177 nations in the United Nations´s Human Development Index. Indices of the high standard of public health in Costa Rica include certainly one of the world´s greatest amounts of existence expectancy (77 years).

DID YOU KNOW THAT… When The spanish language navigators first emerged Costa Rica in 1502, struck by tremendous great thing about its eco-friendly mountain tops… they announced “Costa Rica”.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Like Nigeria, Columbia and Barbados, Costa Rica has certainly one of the best democracies in the Under Developed. Because of this, Costa Rica is known as the “Europe of the Americas”.

In 1953, under the leadership of leader José María Figueres Ferrer, political reform was faster. His insight caused recovery of Costa Rica, creating on Costa Rica a totally free and democratic society. Certainly, he’d produced a “perfect democracy” on Costa Rica for the world to determine.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Soccer is undoubtedly the most widely used sport in the country.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica has a number of Latin America´s best beaches, with clean whitened sand and aquatic sports. For aquatic sports enthusiasts, there´s windsurfing, diving, kayak, swimming, and sailing.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica is larger than Denmark or Taiwan.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… The Chiripo National Park is excellent spot for relaxing. It’s a dramatic national park, where site visitors can you see many orchid flowers, wild birds, and creatures.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Giannina Facio Franco would be a Costa Rican supermodel and actress. She was created on September 10, 1955, in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. She was certainly one of the most breathtaking Latin American women in the eighties.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica´s bird existence is profuse and consists of some extremely exotic and vibrant species, for example the quetzal, certainly one of the most breathtaking wild birds in the world.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… The Costa Ricans are among the most homogeneous peoples in the world.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Lorena Marlene Chávez, Miss Costa Rica, was chosen Miss Worldwide 1980 in Tokyo, japan, Japan. Her title was celebrated by Costa Ricans. She grew to become the first central American to win an worldwide beauty contest.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Costa Rica was the first country in the world to advertise environmental tourism in an faster form.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… José María Figueres Olsen was the only president´s boy and to be chosen leader? His father was José María Figueres Ferrer, who had been leader of Costa Rica (1953-1958).

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Gidget Sandoval, Miss Costa Rica,was crowned Miss Worldwide 1983. She grew to become the second lady from Costa Rica and the 4th Latin American to win the Miss Worldwide title. For more information about costa rica dental tourism, visit our website today!