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Very affordable online storage subscriptions at Transferum

At Transferum we value our customers using our free FTP storage space and we are now offering our Free FTP Storage Space Account users more flexibility by giving you access to new features. Aside from the free 50 GB FTP Storage Space, we are now offering you unlimited parallel connections for uploading and downloading files. To provide you greater access to our services, we are also lifting the limits for uploading bigger files.

We at Transferum know that time is valuable for many of our ftp online storage space users. For some, every second lost while waiting for sluggish services means losing money out the window. The unlimited parallel uploads and downloads means no more waiting in-between downloads and uploads for you. This gives you more versatility in managing your FTP storage space without the hassle of waiting a few seconds every time you update your accounts. Have multiples files to download right now? No worries, you will now be able to download multiple files in a jiffy. No more single downloads or uploads. You can access your FTP storage space anytime and retrieve as much as you need.

Because we know that you need to have flexibility in using your FTP storage space, we are now giving you control over how much you upload to your FTP storage space. We are giving you unlimited file size uploads. Bulk files can now be safely ensconced in your FTP storage space. This means your movies; music albums and other files exceeding the then 50 MB limit can now be uploaded without the inconvenience of having to split to a bunch of smaller files. This added feature saves loads of time from your end. Uploading of massive files not exceeding your 1 GB FTP storage space can now utilize our resumption of broken transfers feature if your Internet connection gets cut off for any reason.

After following these steps, your online Free FTP storage space account will be activated within 3 hours maximum after your application. Although we would love to provide you a much faster way of this free FTP storage, our staff makes sure that everything is checked and there will be no future problems with your account.

Transferum offers a variety of services for your FTP storage space needs. You can look at our Professional FTP storage plans if our online Free FTP storage space account is not enough for your current needs.