HTC One X: Complete Analysis Through Real Test

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htc one x white


The HTC One X is manufactured in polycarbonate, the SGSIII like, but in the case of terminal HTC appearance is much more robust and less plastic model. View is more attractive, and even follows the typical HTC design without leaving the lifeline, the rear touch matte and rough a touch much more robust, which will be even more resistant to scratches and small blows.

The One X in the hand conveys a lot of confidence, and the display has a very attractive rounded profiles. The two biggest problems are that being a uni-body cannot remove the battery, as it has no back cover, and the main chamber protrudes nearly two millimeters, leaving it highly exposed to shock.

HTC Sense

This is where HTC gets to take greatest praise and criticism in the HTC Sense UI. The One X HTC has HTC Sense 4.0 UI, and is very well. However, it helps make mobile personalization extreme, and find traces of Ice Cream Sandwich is really complicated. For those who like the look of HTC Sense are going to find a true wonder of Launcher, with some exquisite animations and a weather widget that does not exceed any other.


The One X has an Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, which integrates a quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz and a GeForce ULP graphics processor. The cellular is like a shot, and the only problem is a curious performance. If we talk about performance in normal use of the mobile, we have no problem.


One of the things a customer is glad of the new models is that Smartphones are finally focusing on audio quality, since until now the left side, however they had deceived us in this aspect. And in reality, we live an involution that led us to go for a good quality to a regular, and finally recover this interest in good sound.


HTC wanted to sell us very strongly 8MP camera and 3264 × 2448 pixels of resolution One X, and even if you read everything out there, I think the camera of this handset is excellent. I’ve been making comparisons with the Xperia S and SGSIII and publish soon; the truth is that sometimes it works best.


The One X we have a Li-Po 1800 mAh, perhaps a little smaller than we would have liked, since 2000 or 2100 would have been ideal to try to attack hard in one respect in which the mobile limps too, the length of the terminals.

How about the battery behaves this HTC … what can I say, but like all? I’m not very keen on the battery and compare lengths, and the reality is that after all the technologies and electric charges of these are all very similar.

htc one x


The HTC One X is an excellent terminal, and what matters is the overall experience, it carries a high note. It is true that as we lose some details GLONASS support, the output micro HDMI or removing the battery, but perhaps it is these details that makes the One X is much cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S III.