HTC Wildfire Review

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htc wildfire

A Good Buy for Those Who Want An Android In Budget

Basically, Android 2.1 Éclair is not the latest version of Android with HTC Sense. Possibly one of the advantages of the HTC Wildfire is that, despite being an affordable model, HTC has chosen not to skimp on software and incorporate HTC Sense.

Android 2.1 and HTC Sense

Android and HTC Sense are basically the same as ever, the advantage here is that this is a very affordable phone with many of the skills of a Smartphone. Obviously, to achieve this there are some areas for improvement that we will analyze.

Sense can hate or love but clearly incorporates a much nicer interface and usable to mobile Android. Navigating the seven desktop screens is fluid and on the desktop is not noticed at all that your processor and RAM are pretty fair. Yes, undoubtedly Sense design deserves a better screen resolution.

HTC also features an interesting amount of Widgets – have changed slightly since the HTC Tattoo – and there are many that can help you easily when fall short seven desktop screens. The Wildfire has a system for sharing via Email or SMS contacts links with the application I want to recommend something that can be great to avoid further searching the Market.

Contacts and Social Networking

The Wildfire comes with Facebook and Twitter contacts integrated. This is always nice and you can organize your calendar and automatically enter photos in the profiles, but the reality is that you can easily duplicate all contacts. To fix it you have to access each contact and confirm that this is the same person at the top right there is a button that displays the possible links to social networks. Obviously, if you have a long list of contacts you will have a stressful job, especially because the contact is not as smooth as it should.


The multimedia playback has never been one of the strengths of Android; however, the Wildfire does the job. Music has a good quality and the library is well organized, but this phone is particularly remarkable for incorporating FM Radio, which lately is disappearing from many advanced mobile. Video playback, as we noted before, not all smooth as you would like and the low resolution of the screen gets pleasant than watching videos on the Wildfire.

Other Aspects of Internet

Web browsing is nice given its HSDPA to 7.2 Mbps, nevertheless sometime is somewhat slow, especially when loading images. Anyway, the HTC Wildfire has a great advantage over other similar mobiles: thanks to the browser supports Flash, it is possible to browse many, but not all pages containing Flash.

htc wildfire


Make no mistake – the HTC Wildfire is a Smartphone – about 260 Euros cheaper free – and it shows: the screen is much improved, the power remains fair in many times and video playback is weak. Anyway, it is one of the best Android phones you can find at this price; nevertheless not a recidivist in Mobile Android who will surely seek more power, but for those who have yet to discover the benefits of Android.