iPhone 5 Review

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iphone 5 review

What’s Your Problem With The New Apple Toy?

Apple introduced a new version of its popular Smartphone – iPhone 5, found little innovative. But what happens after a week of test? Let’s see what Apple has offered.


Like any Apple device, the grip of this latest edition is attractive. Both say bluntly, I’ve never seen mobile as well finished. The all-aluminum and glass had its effect. And if the difference visually with the iPhone 4 or 4S does not jump to the eyes, hollow of the palm, one feels immediately gain weight and fineness.


I would certainly like a new design, even if the current job is well. I have fond memories of the rounded shapes of the first iPhone but something totally new as well would have done the trick. Damage, wait another generation.

This version is two times faster than the 4S; however, the velocity of the apparatus is obvious, even from a 4S. Similarly, the color contrast is further enhanced when it was already very efficient on the previous model. Finally, note that if this is not 4G in France, (if you are buying it from there) it is nevertheless compatible with the latest services boosted 3G operators such as HSPA + for example, which promises speeds three times faster.

Photo Sharing Enhanced

Finally, Photo Stream lets you share photos with family by creating folders online. Simply create a specific flow and then share it via email. All photos, existing and future, which will be added to this stream, will be synchronized immediately. Better, you can add a message to every shot, start a conversation or just tell you love, much like on Facebook and an option to make a public stream, all this via iCloud.

SIRI Can For More Stuff

SIRI voice capabilities are expanding greatly in this hottest smartphone. Request a list of nearby restaurants, see the results of League 1 or movies in cinemas, and launch an application … many new voice commands available.

Renew Accessories

For those who bought the full range of accessories (speakers, shells, bases, and car kit) one must weigh the pros and cons. This edition comes with a new proprietary connector and certainly smaller practice but may require buying a new docking station or opting for an adapter (29 Euros at Apple).

A Price … Haute Couture

For others, not revolutionary, this is a very good camera, which has a premium price (between 679 and 899 Euros without package).

I Buy or Not?

iphone 5

For owners of the iPhone 4S, I find it hard to recommend iPhone 5. Especially iOS 6 is a free download for all iPhone owners since version 3 (to see if it still does not row the older models).


Again, the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone are almost equal, but the first disadvantage of this Smartphone is the cost. Still expensive, it cannot be accessed by everyone. Sold only in Orange, and a minimum two-year subscription, iPhone 5 is expensive if purchased separately. On the screen, over and above, how wide the day it does not work, there is no possibility of composing still a number.