Nokia Lumia 900 Review – “For What It’s Worth”

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nokia lumia 900

The Exterior of the Nokia Lumia 900 Device

In the front, Nokia Lumia 900 has an outstanding display, video conferencing camera 1 MP, navigation buttons Windows Phone used to return back, return to start and perform searches on Google. In the face of rear camera, there are 8 MP with LED Flash and its corresponding silver band with the insignia of Nokia and Carl Zeiss Tessar that definitely eventually going to be a scratch magnet.

Having in hand – the Lumia 900 first thing you hear is a very clean, minimalist, which has only the essentials such as a chassis only one body in where elements are anchored as the 4.3 “display very bright AMOLED Gorilla Glass protected to prevent annoying scratches that come with time.

On the right side of the terminal, you find physical volume controls, power and dedicated camera button. It is unfortunate that the buttons do not have icons or labels due to the proximity of all the controls, sometimes by mistake the user finishes off the Smartphone to want to take a photo.

Additional to this is a bit difficult to handle the Lumia 900 with one hand by the physical button layout. The speakers are located in the bottom of the chassis. At the top of Lumia 900, there is the headphone plug with the micro USB v2.0 input for syncing and charging or access to micro SIM through a special key.

The Interface of Windows Phone

When you turn the Lumia 900, face is Windows Phone 7.5 Mango with the lock screen that displays at the top indicators like WiFi and battery. At the bottom, it shows the date, time and number of new emails. To unlock the Lumia 900 by dragging the bottom-up screen, you access the desktop of Windows Phone with traditional paintings (Live Tiles) that serve as direct access to:

  • The Operator
  • People Known (People)
  • Posts
  • Hotmail
  • Xbox Live
  • Nokia Drive
  • Microsoft Office
  • Imagery
  • Music and Videos
  • The Marketplace (App Store Internet Explorer)
  • Calendar
  • Local Scout (Local Sites)
  • Windows Live Profile

An arrow in the upper right to change the view to a text menu, for those who do not understand easily the iconic or access to a more classic menu without “slabs or tableaux” (Live Tiles) Lumia 900 shows images arranged alphabetically.

lumia 900

Lumia 900 – Yield

In general, the terminal of Lumia 900 performs well irrespective of whether the processor has a single core or core; browse internet quickly and videos load “YouTube” without problem. With regard to the ability to perform multi-tasking, as in many mobile OS, is limited therefore, in many situations when viewing a video on “Youtube” and get a message to answer it touches reopen the video from the beginning.

It’s a bit strange that indicators on Lumia 900 WiFi connection status, signal and time tend to get lost within the applications that open full screen. Many times, you must move your finger up and down on the top of the screen to see the icons again.


The Nokia Lumia 900 device is very interesting, with a very good performance but with some limitations such as screen resolution of only 800 x 480 pixels (which is slightly lower than that of high-end Smartphones that are currently on the market) and an ecosystem of applications with a smaller number of competitors to iOS and Android.