PressDisplay – An Easy-to-follow Press Reader for Mobile Devices

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 The Press Reader


Are you looking for an easy-to-follow and handy solution to read all the hottest news stories while you are on the go? Good news … the world’s largest online newspaper kiosk, the Newspaper Direct, brought a flawless solution namely Press Display for all those who need to browse and read thousands of full content premium newspapers and many different magazines from every corner of the world.

No doubt, this state-of-the-art Press Reader is a big treat especially for iPhone, iTouch, Android and BlackBerry users. If you have any of the smart mobile devices listed here, you can simply enjoy your much-loved publications on your device since Mobile Press Display hones all publications for the small displays of almost all of the poplar mobile phones nowadays.

The Press Reader, Press Display is a one-stop solution developed by the most competent app developers keeping the convenience of users, completeness and cost-effectiveness of the product in mind so that you can easily read all your favorite publications with a piece of mind. Being a subscribed user, you get the complete access to newspapers and magazines from your premises and from anywhere just around the corner they are made public, often before they arrive at the sales booths.

Smart Navigation

Smart Navigation is the hallmark feature in Press Display, which offers advanced utilities like a translator foreign languages, full graphics and text views, interactive tables of content, bookmarks, advanced search and monitoring, clickable URLs, cross-title searching, articles sharing via email or blog postings, emails and phone numbers and text–to–voice conversion, page and article printing. What’s more – this easy-to-use Press Reader app enables its end-users to read, download, save and manage all of the issues relating to newspapers and magazines.

The Press Display

Customization Features

  • You can list your most preferred newspapers and magazines on the home page
  • You can view top stories from all sources, your desired newspapers or somewhat in between
  • You can learn about articles’ rankings and top stories
  • You can promote your most wanted group of news to the home page
  • You can see only the news in your selected languages
  • You can view news from any day in the last week
  • You can modify or upgrade the subscription of your readership
  • You can alter or update your Billing information online
  • You can print a proof of payment

The Digital Reader

Concluding Remarks provides its users an accurately worldwide standpoint on the world’s proceedings, by distributing the largest assortment of full content magazines and newspapers to readers anywhere – anytime…!