Motorola Razr I: Motorola Has Done A truly Excellent Job

motorola razr i

Addressing a review of a latest generation Smartphone is not always easy and immediate. Though give ratings and talk about the characteristics of both “easy”, it is said to be able to really express the quality of a product or defects it may have.

In particular, the Motorola Razr I is a Smartphone but extremely interesting for a number of reasons that still remains in a kind of limbo, which makes it difficult to have the judgment. While this device might be considered the best on the market at the moment, on the other hand has a number of “defects” are not necessarily hardware or software, that make it “less perfect” than it may initially appear.


At the hardware level we can hardly find deficiencies as it offers pretty much everything you could want in a phone of last generation. Comprehensive wireless connectivity, HDMI, and MicroSD, 8-megapixel camera with flash and 1080p recording, Super AMOLED Advanced display with a resolution of 960 × 540 pixels, front-facing camera and high quality materials.

Reading the data sheet does not lack anything and indeed, comparing it with Galaxy S2, Nexus and iPhone 4s, Razr I is the most complete. Taking in hand then has a feeling of strength and quality really unique despite the thickness is truly content. So if iPhone 5 could boast far the best building among the top range Smartphone, Razr I past as it offers the same quality with the use of materials much less delicate. Compared to products by Samsung obviously the difference is important.

The downside resulting from the choice of materials for Motorola, is the built-in battery is not removable, hidden under the shell. Although it is a solution that allows to occasionally increase the solidity of the device (not having a flap has no points of opening / fragility) limits in some way the use. The example is easily done. Although the internal battery is just as good as capacity (1780mAh), cannot be replaced and the same to market Motorola is the Motorola Droid Maxx, identical characteristics but with well-3300mAh battery and a thickness slightly greater.

Pros & Cons Of Built-in Battery

So, although I cannot be at the moment (we will see later in the article the performance battery) fault with a capital D, it is equally true that a user open to innovation may not be happy to see an identical phone sold in America with the battery practically twice the Razr I and not be eligible for an upgrade fee as with a detachable battery pack.

Another important aspect, which binds indirectly to the choice of the integrated battery, is balancing the phone. Aside from the overall dimensions, which are absolutely matters of taste, Motorola has chosen a solution “special” for the balance of the phone…

If you have a Galaxy S2, or know the range Samsung Android in general, also know that many devices marketed have a greater thickness at the bottom of the device, where is the rear speaker and other hardware often dedicated to connectivity. On the Razr I thickest part is at the top, a solution that may not initially seem “negative” but in reality brings with it a “problem” balancing.

Being more often at the top, the weight of the phone is moved forward and it is not uncommon to have the feeling that the phone Runaway hand slipping forward when we keep it with one hand. Also being very wide (like all devices with screens over 4 inches) the feeling in your hand, if you do not have huge hands, rarely provides a sense of security.


Motorola Razr I, as now the entire non-Nexus device, offers a personalization system designed by the manufacturer. It is not the old MotoBlur, but it’s a complete customization of the Android UI. Leaving aside personal tastes. In addition to the many present Widgets with nice animations and excellent speed of the system, we find a very particular set of options that allow you to better manage your phone…

There are many options for the optimization of energy consumption and a really interesting functionality Smart Actions that lets you create and own real smart profiles that allow you to activate the phone’s features and functionality as needed. Excellent organization of the menu of the application and the presence of built-in data counter style Android 4.0.

For those who use a lot of these resources, especially related to social, Razr I allows you to have a centralized management of the address book, with status updates and information from Facebook and Twitter and messaging that becomes a real percent of chat conversations with Facebook, Twitter, Mail, SMS and more. From this point of view a very painstaking work.


In contrast with much good work but also some negative aspects of the system. While the internet browser is undoubtedly great, but it still has not arrived at maturity (as with all things some updating is necessary), there is a certain lack of continuity in the UI. Not there are very few sporadic jamming some applications, despite the fluidity of the system is really pleasant, sometimes something freezes and you have a few moments of uncertainty.

Screen & Autonomy

Razr I has a Super AMOLED Advanced display, a solution very similar to the Super AMOLED of the Samsung range but with a better management of the whites. In fact, the screen does not have the typical defect tend all in the display of the white pages, but it offers an excellent color balance. In contrast, the colors are saturated, perhaps even more of Samsung’s display with similar and often make the images too artificial. It is still very nice, large and with good resolution and with a multi-touch accurate.

Regarding the autonomy, as anticipated initially, Razr I does not stand out among the samples of the sector. Although the built-in battery has a capacity of 1780mAh, not always possible to conclude a day’s work. Fortunately, many energy-saving settings and Smart Actions present, allow us to manage the phone and connectivity in a complete manner guaranteeing a few more hours of standby time.


razr i

While Motorola is synonymous with excellent reception, sound quality and connectivity, on the other hand Razr I did not impress, especially in the way-Fi. The problem is common to many Smartphone Razr I and the WI-Fi signal is not stable, not particularly powerful and docking problems with the neighbor router…

At the hardware level, as anticipated, we pretty much all the connections can also accessories Motorola greatly increases the possible uses of the Smartphone. Remains at the bitterness of the Wi-Fi connectivity. Really good instead the department with 3G download speeds worthy of the name Motorola and with a good seal 3G signal.


One of the departments that unless we use every day but is still rich and unique. Camera side we have an 8-megapixel sensor that offers good shots with abundant light and curtains at night and do not express the maximum. Let’s say that we are obviously far as using digital camera as on any other Smartphone, and in principle the photos are nice as other products with some pros and cons depending on exposure, light and shutter speed.

Sony Xperia Z: The New Flagship of the Japanese Brand

sony xperia z

First Smartphone from Sony provided a 5-inch Full HD 1080P, the Sony Xperia Z who wants to become “the premium brand of Android” this year. Attempting to fulfill this ambitious goal, Sony has made particular attention to its Xperia Z … Answers in this test bench…!

Sony Xperia Z – Design

The device design is a matter of taste. We do not judge the look of this newcomer. However, although thinks it is impossible to deny the effort that Sony delivers here a Smartphone for less slick, sleek, chic, fitted with a glass casing – it changes the plastic – and a very good screen/weight/size ratio finesse.

We appreciate the very thin border around the screen. A point which allows the unit to not display delusional measurements despite the 5-inch screen size. Well done. The competition should take the seed.


With its angular profile and width, it is not easy to hold the camera with one hand, which frankly does not fall into the palm of your hand. Surprising choice as that used for the location of the enclosure since it is at the bottom, on the edge of the terminal. So, it is not uncommon to lay hands on and simply block the exit. The problem will arise less from lefties.

The end of the terminal is almost impeccable. The downside, however, the fine groove between the screen of the hull: dust lodges there too easily. Having been to test the black version, it could only regularly deplore the fact that fingerprints are particularly numerous and difficult to clean. The next “class” of the unit takes a little time, obviously.

To conclude this section devoted to the ergonomics of the device, note that the upper portion of the back of the appliance heats up when the phone is used for a while, causing a sensation not very pleasant.


Sony Xperia Z is equipped with a Full HD screen. But beyond a pixel density of 440 ppi – the densest among Smartphones, but is it really necessary to use … Its big screen has a low contrast ratio (489:1), far from the AMOLED screens. Here, blacks are darker gray than black…

For the record, most DE screen approaches 0 and the reproduced colors are true. For a year, the majority of Smartphones, especially on the high end, has a nearly 5 die, or 4 or even 3. We saw better so…

Xperia Z takes its revenge on the brightness, simply excellent. It allows the mobile to maintain a flawless readability even in bright sunlight. Note also that the screen does not shine much, which enhances readability even in a very bright environment. Viewing angles are open, but there is still a loss of color when the phone has been side, for example, as if a veil had been deposited on the screen (the yellow becomes beige, dark blue light blue…). Strange.

Color management is definitely not the strong on this phone. Finally, the persistence time is much better than the average for the sector. Once all the test data abutted the screen Xperia Z harvest a small 4. The 4/5 is also partly due to the display finesse, while simply remarkable. Even if we look closely, no pixel is visible.

Interface and Navigation

History to provide users an Android experience to the Sony sauce, and better cope with since (HTC) and TouchWiz (Samsung), the manufacturer has revised its overlay software. Both practical and lightweight (you do get lost and not Android is completely erased), the Sony interface brings a lot of small things well seen.

It is possible to have up to seven offices, define the main reception desk, direct access to several quick settings in the notifications, resizable widgets (which is not the case of apps) … In short, the ergonomics of the user interface is a success overall. Forcing Sony, Xperia Z offers several services to make rent movies, buy Playstation video games; music … In this interface very user adds an exemplary behavior of the terminal, brightness in all situations.

Whether to download an application or to start one, navigate menus in a web page, watching a video, the Swift Sony Xperia Z always shows responsive and quick to respond to touch controls. Viewing photos, videos, web, games, big screen coupled with a very good overall responsiveness of the terminal make this Xperia Z a gifted multimedia Smartphone. Especially since Sony offers a lot of dedicated applications (Gallery, Movies, Walkman …) those enrich the user experience. The headphone output comes out correctly despite the loudness just on average.

However, there is no trace of distortion and sound reproduction remains faithful. The music player comes complete with, for example, the integration of an equalizer present by default. The external speaker works pretty well as it can mount volumes high enough without showing too much distortion. Let us recall however that the location is not very wise: the sound is often obstructed by the hand. Finally, video games, whatever they are, look here without flinching.

Photo Power

The Sony Xperia Z features a 13 megapixel sensor (aperture of f / 2.4 / 4:3). The promise? Capture more details and more light, in particular, have better photos in the dark. Xperia Z comes and hunts on the lands of the Nokia Lumia 920, an excellent mobile camera when the brightness is missing. With a complete interface and rather convenient, fans will surely be filled manually. Side rendering, NPC XEPRIA Z delivers correct images with a dive and a sense of detail suitable displayed…

A good point, so. Yes, but here, all the images have a very artificial rendering, with an emphasis too far and JPEG compression supported. The white balance is also very cold (the pictures are a little bluish and flashy colors). On a phone screen (without zoom), the images are so fun to watch. 10 x 15 prints or 13 x 18 cm are possible, but larger sizes will be avoided.

xperia z

Even zooming in on the phone and in daylight scenes, grain (colored) unfortunately appears too quickly. Xperia Z does not stand out, nor ahead of his opponents such Lumia 920 and iPhone 5. It remains to this day better with a more natural, neutral colors, and a little dive. Note this photo lab Xperia Z? A 3/5. It’s not bad, and it’s enough to share photos on social networks, but the Xperia Z is not an example of the genre. As video capture (1080p), Xperia Z is doing pretty good all with a rather fluid and stable rendering. Audio remains somewhat low overall quality.

Get It Or Not?

Design work, enhanced brand identity, full HD display, 13 megapixel camera sensor, 4G/NFC compatibility Qualcomm processor with four cores clocked at 1.5 GHz and coupled to a memory of 2 GB user interface house set on Android … Xperia Z is, on paper, not stingy performance. It is also resistant to water and dust (IP57 certification!) Its 2330 mAh battery is enough, considering its large screen to offer a substantial autonomy.

Google Nexus 4 – Android Wins On Apple

google nexus 4

Apple iPhone and iPad and Google with Android Smartphones and tablets are the real stars of the mobile market, both looking for a leadership unopposed and winning. The arrival of Windows 8 and the emergence of Amazon with its proposal largely related to the content and services have no impact on the role that the two companies are playing in driving the evolution of personal computing.

The consumers but also the companies are increasingly involved in assessing what might be, between Apple and Google, the perfect proposal, not because of the goodness and quality of the product, but to the vision that each of these companies communicates and supports.

Google Offers More Than Apple

Apple’s success is undeniable, but the proposal emerging as a more comprehensive and structured is that of Google. For a variety of reasons such as greater integration with the ecosystem of free apps like Gmail, Google Apps, and storage with Drive. Also count the lower cost of the devices to equal technical characteristics and quality and functional richness and the user greater freedom in the choice of the manufacturer.

Android is actually proposed by a number of hardware manufacturers that leave ample choice to the customer in terms of price, configuration, functionality, contracts and so on. In addition, the benefits are greater able to adapt to new technologies that continue to enrich the mobile market and the possibility of customizing Android applications.

Who Wins In The Market?

The market data that indicate a dominance of Google’s Android platform in the Smartphone segment, mainly due to Samsung and its Galaxy S III, and the steady decline in the market share of Apple in the tablet segment. These are strong indicators of a trend and change in tastes and preferences of consumers.

The proposed Apple brand continues to be of high quality as well as strong is still the attractiveness of the Apple brand. Google, however, has on his side, in addition to the wealth and organic supply, a pricing policy (Nexus 7 to € 199.00 and Nexus 10 € 399), which helps, especially during the current crisis, the adoption of devices and Android platforms in the company.

The proposal Android is particularly apt for numerous organizations that link to mobility for increased productivity and efficiency of processes but also greater satisfaction of their employees working more and more in a position to move. Satisfying these needs with the choice of Google Android is less expensive, offers more choice and assures the quality, benefits and immediate benefits.

The Model Moving Google

Google is not a company website and has not even focused on mobile. The business model on which Google has built his fortune is tied to advertising (96% of the 2011 turnover of 37.9 billion dollars). Google offers free services such as Google Apps, Google Maps, Gmail and Docs in order to gain a competitive advantage over the competition…

The free offer of applications is made possible by the high ad revenue and serves to ward off other competitors with its business model. Remain stationary for a single business model does not appear to be Google’s strategy. Of course, it is not in the mobile world in which Google is already active in advertising with Adsense, browser and search engine, all solutions are easily replicated and replaced by the present and future competition.

Android Open To Advertising…

The decision to build an open source platform like Android and make it available to other manufacturers was determined by the desire to protect a market, advertising, put at risk by the proposed alternative aggressive competitors such as Apple. The exponential growth of the mobile market has dictated strategy and approach to the market.

Today’s Smartphones and tablets Android are in many situations by replacing the personal computer; Google has been able to see far away. A vision that should allow the Mountain View giant to maintain its leadership in the online advertising market and to dominate new markets, but also to prevent other reality to establish its specificity and leadership.

From strategy would depend on many choices such as those related to Google Play and application ecosystem (in-app advertising in place of paid apps to attract developers) and contracts with providers (Google provides maximum control over Android platforms marketed). The aim of this strategy is to grow the number of Android devices available to enforce the Android platform as a standard, making it difficult the choice of an alternative platform.

This is achieved, thanks to the low cost of disposition, the next step will be that service, and an easy choice for a company like Google that dominates the world web is a strategy that seeks to confine Apple in the high-end market, a market full but is not intended to influence the evolution of the overall mobile market. Allowing Windows 8, but that’s another story!

Google Nexus 4 – Core Features

nexus 4

And the momentum is: the last Nexus, developed in collaboration with LG, is the first of the series that tries to dare from the design. The rear panel is covered with a texture that makes it shine depending on how it is affected by light. A very special effect, you may not like it, but that fits well in the context of a Smartphone that focuses on the play of light, thanks to the use of glass on both sides (Still, it’s a Gorilla Glass 2).

This is not a mimetic device: the screen is 4.7 “and the weight is not feather, but the reduced thickness of the frame and almost non-existent put it on a par with phones with smaller screens and total size more like the titanic Lumia 920. Only the handling is breaking using glass, but all in all the Google Nexus 4 is a Smartphone with personality is up to you love it or hate it.

Editor’s Point Of View

Overall, it is a special moment for Android: the battleship of the green robot is in the lead in the battle between operating systems, at least for the number of units sold. But also the quality of the most advanced devices now you can say comparable to that of rivals, Apple becomes a matter of opinion.

Happy time then, whose credit must be given in part to the Nexus product line, designed by Google directly and in collaboration with major manufacturers to give inspiration to the consortium Android. Now, after a chase that lasted years, the Nexus 4 could always pull for iOS, Windows Phone, the young, the resurrected BlackBerry 10 operating systems and the various emerging…!

Samsung Galaxy S4: A Tough Competition For The Competitors

Samsung Galaxy S4

Price, unnecessary, new and useful features, technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages compared to the competition … What you should know before you buy – or not – the Samsung Galaxy S4.


The new high-end Smartphone from Samsung, the successor of Galaxy S3 which has sold over 41 million copies worldwide, will be sold 679 euros in a single 16GB version, 4G-compatible in the European market.

The S4 is an improved version of S3, without much innovation brought to the model, but of good quality and performance. Not surprisingly, it will surely delight fans of trendy gadgets and those seeking a high-end Android Smartphone. But for those who already have an S3 for example, compared with the HTC One may be worth it.

On the design side, the screen S4 is almost imperceptibly larger than the S3 (5 inches instead of 4.8), without increasing the device since it is on the margins that the screen has grown in size. The resolution is improved from 720 x 1280 to 1080 × 1920, with a resolution of 441 dpi instead of 306…

The device is thinner (7.9 mm) and slightly more rectangular. The material of the shell does not change, it’s still plastic. This can make it look a little less S4 upscale than the HTC One, aluminum, or Sony Xperia Z which uses glass. That said, this allows it to be lighter than its competitors (130 g). Galaxy S4 is available in black or white.

Many “Gadgets”

Samsung has developed the set of features available without tactile interaction. The S3 already left the lights (with some hiccups) screen when the user looking at the screen, even if he/she does not touch. The S4 goes further. It is for example able to pause a video if the head is diverted. It also scrolls alone if the head or the phone is tilted.

The “Air View” function to scroll by using the gesture from the bottom up or top down, but without touching the screen, just approaching hand very closely, or even preview images in motion video playing if the finger on the timeline approach to a different location on the dipstick. This is the same functionality as the Note 2, which uses the stylus. However, to scroll, it is faster to touch the screen (because the Air View does not work every time), so the air-view is the only way to access the preview, which also applies to calendar or mails.

But these gestures order defects. First, they do not work in all applications, only in native applications from Samsung and Android. Then you do not get 100% success. Finally, the interest may be limited. For example, it is possible to answer a call by swiping the screen without touching the hand, which can be used to respond when your hands are dirty. But once we landed, must still be able to activate the speaker or enter the hands-free…

The Extras

The context menu that appears when you select text on a page to copy and paste for example, is lighter and offers a new built-in feature, automatic translation text and voice. Practice as we have an internet connection (the software is in the cloud), and all reservations that include web translators such as Google Translate.

Galaxy S4 has also enriched the “Optical Reader” feature, which allows for example to call by scanning a card on which is written a phone number. So many new, nice but cannot alone make a difference to purchase.

Photo/Video: More Fun Than Pure Performance

The camera goes from 8 to 13 megapixels. It allows you to add filters, create a variety of animated GIFs, and photo albums. Different capture modes are also more accessible than ever before. The “Dual Camera” function is fun: it simultaneously captures two images superimposed (in the picture or video), with front and rear sensors, thus displays thrombin Photographer inset in the picture.

It is also possible to record sound when taking a picture thumbnail to capture the mood of the moment. But in terms of pure picture quality tests published by specialized websites conclude that the device is not good enough in low light, especially compared to Sony Xperia Z or HTC One.

Galaxy S4 Competes

The latest Samsung is often placed in front of the HTC One, also on Android, with good reason. Launched in April, the high-end Smartphone that rivals the most with the Galaxy S4, although one could also consider the Sony Xperia Z in the selection. The comparison with the iPhone 5 is less valid because the Apple model is more than the previous generation, that of S3.

More Features

The Galaxy features a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 600 quad-core 1.9 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM, which makes the high performance to run 3D games and other demanding applications terminal. This processing power is very useful to run two applications simultaneously, a feature found recently to Note 8 inch Tablet from Samsung.

S4 also borrows Air Preview the series score. Pointing his finger a few inches from the screen, you can view the contents of files, emails and messages without opening them.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviews

Galaxy S4

The design of the Galaxy S4 is a bit disappointing. Compared to HTC One and Apple iPhone 5, the S4 is more rustic. It does not have that aluminum body which gives a high-end look to its competitors. “The phone is far from ugly,” said one of my colleague, “but I would have preferred that Samsung used something other than plastic for the chassis.” Fortunately, he says, these design flaws are caught by the functionality and features of the mobile.

“It’s pretty neat, but I do not think too much use Air Preview, because simply opening and closing files is often faster than waiting for previewing,. Galaxy S4 also offers hands-free Air Gesture control which allows you to scroll pages, flick through photos in the Gallery, and answer the phone simply by passing your hand over the Samsung logo above the screen.

Want To Take Things Further?

“Finally, I have not misused the Air Gesture function because it allows you to control the phone without having to touch it, which is quite welcome when you have wet hands or dirty.” It’s not a bad trade so far, so just buy it from Amazon and get ready to show off…!

Nokia Lumia 928 Price and Specification Review

nokia lumia 928

It was back in September 2012 when Nokia announced its latest Smartphone, Lumia 920 operating on Windows Phone 8 OS and presented a 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 768 x 1280 and a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor…

A number of months later, Nokia announced a somewhat updated version of the Lumia 920, Lumia 928, which had many original gadget interior specifications, however it was easier, have a Xenon flash but was not available as many colors as the Lumia 920. This updated version of Lumia is also available from Verizon Wireless, while the Lumia 920 is currently only offered by AT&T.

With such a small renovation over Lumia 920, Nokia 928 is a much better Windows Phone 8 device thinking about improvements together with the availability of one of the most popular wireless providers in the U.S.? That’s exactly what I’m going to take a call to witness in our latest review.


  • OS: WP8
  • Screen Size: 4.5
  • Display Resolution: 1280 x 768
  • Show type: IPS
  • Key Chip: Snapdragon S4
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • MicroSD: No
  • Rear Camera: 8.7 MP.
  • Front Camera: 1.3 MP. Internal storage: 32GB.
  • Weight (oz): 5.71.
  • Width: 2.71.
  • Elevation: 0.39.
  • Length: 5.23.

What’s New in Nokia Lumia 928?

Rear-Facing Camera is still an 8.7 MP Preview; however one of the most important renovations is the inclusion of a Xenon flash. Xenon flash is often located in digital cameras that have LED flashes usually provided with Smartphone’s instruments, although Xenon flash is a much better low light disturbance due to flash lights subject means. The result of the image taken with flash Xenon has a tendency to have a more organic and also a reduction in the blur of the image.

Core Features

Let’s get some ports around, as we discussed above, in the Industrial Design from our testimonial, Nokia moved several ports Lumia928’s around but not move around any bodily buttons gadget.

The Nokia 928, you’ll find the MicroUSB leading center of the gadget, while 3.5 mm headphone jack was actually moved as far to the left corner of the device is possible. In between the two is where 928’eLumiaSIM card is located, adhering to the exact same Lumia 920.

It uses the colors of the previous windows phones, also brings a lot of new codes. Concerning the design, Nokia and breaks with the curves of the previous models.


On embedded hardware, the Finnish manufacturer has equipped the new model with an OLED screen of 4.5 “. If this diagonal is not at the one on the high end models that competitors are the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G, resolution 1280 x 768, with a density of 334 dpi should nevertheless offer comfort of use.

Regarding the processor, Nokia did not want to incorporate the latest generation of Snapdragon processor and merely S4 model depth. As a reminder there is a core clocked at 1.5 GHz dual. This Smartphoneis not intended to address the tenor of the moment.

However Nokia introduces the 928 as a camera phone that is expected to make great shots. Information for the manufacturer to include a wide-angle lens (26mm equivalent) from Carl Zeiss opens to f/2.0.

The Basics

The basics, of course, are unchanged. The 928, like the 920, includes the same underlying hardware: A 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of (non-expandable) internal storage, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth 3.0, a 4.5-inch 1280 x 768 display, an 8.7 megapixel PureView camera, integrated NFC and Qi-based wireless charging, the works.

Battery life is roughly the same, and while Nokia has challenged the undisputed leaders in the mobile phone market, Apple and Samsung. The video shows the quality of image that manages to capture its latest flagship, compared to that of competing devices.

A sequence moving from 1:30 minutes on a roller coaster park in New York reveals Adventure-land performance 8.7 megapixel camera front Lumia 928 achieved by the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII. Audiovisual material evidences the superiority of Nokia in this regard. And the company has incorporated the technology PureView in the chamber of the new 928. That is, a high quality system which is accompanied by optical stabilizer Carl Zeiss.


Currently no pricing information available on the French market have been reported, the only operator with a statement on offer is the U.S. operator Verizon ($ 99.99 with a two-year commitment). We will not fail to complete this section as soon as information becomes available. It seems that 928 or so exclusive for the U.S. market.

Company’s View

Lumia 928

Thus, according to the official website of that company, Nokia Lumia 928 shows better color saturation and a sharper image with better approach unlike the iPhone 5. Compared to the Galaxy SIII, filandesa camera also offers a sharper picture with better focus and less noise when recording video.

Since its alliance with Microsoft, Nokia’s Smartphone will be Windows Phone. However, it is uncertain other technical specifications of the terminal. For now, the firm’s team has asked its users to stay “tuned” for updates on the new Lumia 928. It is estimated that 5.6 million Lumia devices Nokia sold in the first quarter of 2013.


The Nokia Lumia 928 is a small accessory on the Lumia 920, which I already thought was a solid Windows Phone 8 instrument. Accessories Nokia did with the Lumia 928 are small and definitely make this a better gadget, but still not close enough to get our “superb” assessments that we still are not big fans of physical button design tool, and Windows Phone 8 Marketplace has yet to take Android and iOS in the provision of essential applications.

Still, if you’re a fan of Windows Phone 8 and want to buy it from Amazon, then you should not be reluctant to decide on the Lumia 928 because it enhances a fantastic time meeting Smartphone factory where we could consider more quickly than the original.