Sony Xperia Z: The New Flagship of the Japanese Brand

sony xperia z

First Smartphone from Sony provided a 5-inch Full HD 1080P, the Sony Xperia Z who wants to become “the premium brand of Android” this year. Attempting to fulfill this ambitious goal, Sony has made particular attention to its Xperia Z … Answers in this test bench…!

Sony Xperia Z – Design

The device design is a matter of taste. We do not judge the look of this newcomer. However, although thinks it is impossible to deny the effort that Sony delivers here a Smartphone for less slick, sleek, chic, fitted with a glass casing – it changes the plastic – and a very good screen/weight/size ratio finesse.

We appreciate the very thin border around the screen. A point which allows the unit to not display delusional measurements despite the 5-inch screen size. Well done. The competition should take the seed.


With its angular profile and width, it is not easy to hold the camera with one hand, which frankly does not fall into the palm of your hand. Surprising choice as that used for the location of the enclosure since it is at the bottom, on the edge of the terminal. So, it is not uncommon to lay hands on and simply block the exit. The problem will arise less from lefties.

The end of the terminal is almost impeccable. The downside, however, the fine groove between the screen of the hull: dust lodges there too easily. Having been to test the black version, it could only regularly deplore the fact that fingerprints are particularly numerous and difficult to clean. The next “class” of the unit takes a little time, obviously.

To conclude this section devoted to the ergonomics of the device, note that the upper portion of the back of the appliance heats up when the phone is used for a while, causing a sensation not very pleasant.


Sony Xperia Z is equipped with a Full HD screen. But beyond a pixel density of 440 ppi – the densest among Smartphones, but is it really necessary to use … Its big screen has a low contrast ratio (489:1), far from the AMOLED screens. Here, blacks are darker gray than black…

For the record, most DE screen approaches 0 and the reproduced colors are true. For a year, the majority of Smartphones, especially on the high end, has a nearly 5 die, or 4 or even 3. We saw better so…

Xperia Z takes its revenge on the brightness, simply excellent. It allows the mobile to maintain a flawless readability even in bright sunlight. Note also that the screen does not shine much, which enhances readability even in a very bright environment. Viewing angles are open, but there is still a loss of color when the phone has been side, for example, as if a veil had been deposited on the screen (the yellow becomes beige, dark blue light blue…). Strange.

Color management is definitely not the strong on this phone. Finally, the persistence time is much better than the average for the sector. Once all the test data abutted the screen Xperia Z harvest a small 4. The 4/5 is also partly due to the display finesse, while simply remarkable. Even if we look closely, no pixel is visible.

Interface and Navigation

History to provide users an Android experience to the Sony sauce, and better cope with since (HTC) and TouchWiz (Samsung), the manufacturer has revised its overlay software. Both practical and lightweight (you do get lost and not Android is completely erased), the Sony interface brings a lot of small things well seen.

It is possible to have up to seven offices, define the main reception desk, direct access to several quick settings in the notifications, resizable widgets (which is not the case of apps) … In short, the ergonomics of the user interface is a success overall. Forcing Sony, Xperia Z offers several services to make rent movies, buy Playstation video games; music … In this interface very user adds an exemplary behavior of the terminal, brightness in all situations.

Whether to download an application or to start one, navigate menus in a web page, watching a video, the Swift Sony Xperia Z always shows responsive and quick to respond to touch controls. Viewing photos, videos, web, games, big screen coupled with a very good overall responsiveness of the terminal make this Xperia Z a gifted multimedia Smartphone. Especially since Sony offers a lot of dedicated applications (Gallery, Movies, Walkman …) those enrich the user experience. The headphone output comes out correctly despite the loudness just on average.

However, there is no trace of distortion and sound reproduction remains faithful. The music player comes complete with, for example, the integration of an equalizer present by default. The external speaker works pretty well as it can mount volumes high enough without showing too much distortion. Let us recall however that the location is not very wise: the sound is often obstructed by the hand. Finally, video games, whatever they are, look here without flinching.

Photo Power

The Sony Xperia Z features a 13 megapixel sensor (aperture of f / 2.4 / 4:3). The promise? Capture more details and more light, in particular, have better photos in the dark. Xperia Z comes and hunts on the lands of the Nokia Lumia 920, an excellent mobile camera when the brightness is missing. With a complete interface and rather convenient, fans will surely be filled manually. Side rendering, NPC XEPRIA Z delivers correct images with a dive and a sense of detail suitable displayed…

A good point, so. Yes, but here, all the images have a very artificial rendering, with an emphasis too far and JPEG compression supported. The white balance is also very cold (the pictures are a little bluish and flashy colors). On a phone screen (without zoom), the images are so fun to watch. 10 x 15 prints or 13 x 18 cm are possible, but larger sizes will be avoided.

xperia z

Even zooming in on the phone and in daylight scenes, grain (colored) unfortunately appears too quickly. Xperia Z does not stand out, nor ahead of his opponents such Lumia 920 and iPhone 5. It remains to this day better with a more natural, neutral colors, and a little dive. Note this photo lab Xperia Z? A 3/5. It’s not bad, and it’s enough to share photos on social networks, but the Xperia Z is not an example of the genre. As video capture (1080p), Xperia Z is doing pretty good all with a rather fluid and stable rendering. Audio remains somewhat low overall quality.

Get It Or Not?

Design work, enhanced brand identity, full HD display, 13 megapixel camera sensor, 4G/NFC compatibility Qualcomm processor with four cores clocked at 1.5 GHz and coupled to a memory of 2 GB user interface house set on Android … Xperia Z is, on paper, not stingy performance. It is also resistant to water and dust (IP57 certification!) Its 2330 mAh battery is enough, considering its large screen to offer a substantial autonomy.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

What Benefits Come From Xperia X10?

Here should come the typical equipment data sheet, but the truth is that the excellent design work that has the product page, does not worth reading and if the dull blade, browsing functions in the same link above. Please note that some specifications may not be 100% accurate or adapted to the country for exiting the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

Hyper Connected

The 4-inch super-wide X10 is felt, and where more surrenders, is in navigating websites, the experience of viewing them is excellent, and playing YouTube videos is great, as you may have observed in the video. The Xperia X10 screen is ideal lying to get lost in the networks and maximize the advantage of mobility. The rotation of the accelerometer is very fast, and although it is touch sensitive everything expected, is more than good.

The Timescape deepens the feeling hyper, integrating with android customization Sony Ericsson did everything, SMS, Facebook, twitter, contacts, everything in a very techie interface to which you’ll love or hate depending on your personal taste. I really was very fun and innovative, as indeed, that is, but after a few days, I got tired enough.

To Infinity And Beyond

This feature in Xperia is definitely the one I like the phone, including both Timescape and Mediascape that give users the ability to search for more information about the selected item in a click, is sencillamente spectacular. Do not forget to watch the specific videos how well FUNCIA infinite function. Another thing is the operating speed of the Xperia, so can see in the videos, the screens flow with a smoothness that is pleasant to see. Xperia Golazo.

Integrated Multimedia

The mediascape has the same concept of Timescape, but only for multimedia. Photos, videos, and music in one place and sorted properly, something that struck me was the absence of equalizers in audio player, but the quality that they have come with their headphones and excellence in reproduction Mobile audio, supply fairly well the lack of handset.


With full Exchange client, no activation or additional payment and documents to go, plus the ability to install many more apps through the marketplace custom, the Xperia X10 can be a huge ally mobile worker devices bring great dislike, even a Netbook.

What Camera As We Walk?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

With 8.1 megapixels, 16x digital zoom, auto focus and face recognition smiles and many more features, you have the same or more than usual by Sony Ericsson. Just a detail and correct me if I’m wrong.… Does the flash can only be put in hand? I found the way that you drive, but I clarify, perhaps not find it.

Summarizing Xperia X10

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a great device, which will give you both great satisfaction and web media along with android 1.6 and a budding software update, which will optimistically fix all the details the first version of a device has. Xperia X10 is a great choice to consider especially if you’re deciding between a Netbook and a mobile, because if watch videos on YouTube, lift mails, navigate, listen to music and use some office document, you have a great option of an all in one mobile device.