Samsung Galaxy S2: Power for the Best Android Experience

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Samsung Galaxy S2

The new 5.0 + Google Maps application runs faster than chocolate covered pork through Grease Town on the Samsung Galaxy S2, with elements such as vector graphics zooming in and out with no sign of slowing down and 3D models, certain cities jumping without any drawback.

Finally, Samsung has continued to see sense and it get rid of its own brand of mapping software on the Google-powered phones – Google Maps is excellent and does not need a competitor on these sorts of devices.

Functionality satellite navigation was equally impressive – no need to download software voice to make this work one once, as you went running with a single click the icon – the Galaxy S2 managed to lock our GPS in less than five seconds, and we were in no time at all.

Voice search in these conditions is very good too, with the S2 using technology Vlingo for understanding shell Samsung galaxy ace your words and learn as you use it more often Samsung Galaxy S2 review.

Another happy feature is the compass on Samsung S2, which is more accurate than anything seen recently on Smartphones, and actually pointed in the exact direction mostly.


The S2 is metaphorically bursting at the seams with pre-installed applications, the iPlayer BBC customary Android calendar.  Applications Here we think you will be impressed the first time you turn on the phone – and we love how many of them there are.

Polaris Office

Fully functional support for viewing and editing documents. A file manager like Astro allows you to view all your files in the Galaxy S2 phone and a search function can easily find the items you are looking for.

Voice Talk

Google Voice rival on the S2, permit users to operate a big blue button and speak to unwrap the contacts, mail, music, navigation and more.  It is powered by Vlingo and promises to do more to listen to your voice as time pass, we found that it was somewhat true, but overall we tried to speak with precision and clarity anyway.

Photo / Video Editor

Samsung Galaxy S 2

You can trim a video and add a theme and photos and transitions and music, but it’s still relatively boring in the end when you get a theme Pre-make your time at the beach.

The look of iMovie on the iPhone got companies all hot under the collar having jettisoned their rubbish movie-making applications they seem to be, like video calling, back with a vengeance semi-useless.

Agenda Mini

We’ve seen this on multiple Samsung phones before, and we were never sure of its purpose. Basically, you take a picture, put it in the diary, write where you were (or use GPS to do it for you) and say something funny about it.

Task Manager

A simple application that makes it easy to uninstall applications, shut down those that you are not using the phone, erase completely, and reboot the amount of RAM available to you.

Users’ Feedback

There are so many applications available to download for Samsung Galaxy S2, and you can’t ignore it happily for the rest of your life!