Samsung Galaxy S3 Focuses All the Attention

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Black

It bears the burden of replacing the undisputed star of Smartphone sales in 2011: Galaxy SII. A few months after the release of HTC X One, which got amazed by its screen and its performance, and before I know whether the iPhone 5 will be able to take a step ahead in terms of technology … it is time to give you my impressions of the, which has sold 10 million copies in just two months on the market.

The Discovery of Samsung Galaxy S3

To be honest, after attending the unveiling of Galaxy S3 made in London in May, I was a bit skeptical about finishing “plastic”. Unpacking my copy (white), I recover the shiny plastic but my doubts are raised because all that side has not “cheap” I knew the Galaxy SII. It was therefore used to this that the addition of ceramic “Hyperglass” in the manufacture of the hull.

Of course, discovering the Galaxy S3, you immediately notice the giant screen of 4.8˝ but the effect of “Wow” was somewhat reduced by the fact that I have tested the HTC One X (0.1˝ less) a few weeks ago. From that side, if you’ve never had a Smartphone XXL hands, believe me it is really another world compared to iPhone 4S with screen caps to 3.5”.

The Design

Design aside, the Galaxy S3 once in hand, you can better understand the slogan of Samsung “inspired by nature”. In fact, the Smartphone resembles a roller whose curves are never disturbed by any edge. Here and for me it is a good point, you note a real break with the rather angular design of its predecessor.


samsung galaxy s3

Yet extremely thin (8.6 mm), the grip is excellent for a large Smartphone, its better than the One X on the plan, which may tend to slide hands … Like what “mat” does not mean “slip”. With 133g on the scales, the Galaxy S3 is not a featherweight but it seems really light.

Front, you immediately notice that the center button “home” has been preserved. This shows that Samsung S3 has not let Google dictate the recommendations regarding the terminals integrating Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Choice more questionable, there is left a “menu” button on the right and the “back” button. This may simply handed the car placed near the thumb, but it’s a little confusing at first.

The S3 will benefit not built-in menus for applications not to duplicate to the detriment of quick access to multitasking (it will always do a long press “Home” to change application). Both touch buttons respond very well, perhaps too well, because the use is not uncommon to operate unintentionally despite their distance from the bottom of the touch screen. S to launch Voice, you will need to double pressing the home button.


In conclusion, the Galaxy S3 is a Smartphone damn efficient for everyday tasks and more efficient when requested. So yes, in my opinion, it does not shine by its fancy menus and design consensual lack of identity but daily use is very pleasant. I found no bugs, which is rare when testing a Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S3.

To summarize, I would say that the main quality of this innovative smartphone is the user experience and the fact of not having a real failure.