Samsung Galaxy Si9000 Review

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samsung galaxy si9000

Vibrant Features Make It A Real Smartphone

The device has a mighty AMOLED screen, as well as another new addition named Hummingbird processor 1 GHz Qualcomm, as a response to its line of Snapdragon. With this and the new version of TouchWiz UI, the Smartphone shall be a worthy competitor to such giants as Apple iPhone 4 and HTC HD2. Is this true or a marketing ploy? This and much more today and we will discuss it. So, meet: Samsung Galaxy Si9000.


The Galaxy Si9000 unit has a design typical of large modern touch phones. The display is slightly recessed relative to the front panel and, as might be expected because of size, as it takes up almost all of the frontal area, except for the location for the speaker and the navigation keys.

Buttons on the front panel three – touch “Home” and “Back”, and the physical “Menu”. Holding down the “Menu” automatically enables intelligent search, so we have a set of keys here in Si9000 as well, similar to Android-based Smartphones. In addition, the front panel of the camera is for video calls, light sensor and proximity. Just above the display is the logo Samsung.

In the upper left corner of the rear panel are a 5-megapixel camera, and the right – the protective grille speaker, the specialty of Galaxy Si9000. At the bottom of the logo Samsung and in the middle Google, this hints about the operating system Android c pre-installed suite of applications. Back panel is made of carbon fiber, although this is not the case.

On the left side of the device is the volume control, and on the right the power button and the screen lock. By the way, the presence of physical key locks for this elegant Smartphone edition, Galaxy Si9000, is a big plus. Another plus is the sliding cover over the port micro-USB, for which it does not clog. The same solution the company sold in the Smartphone Wave (S8500).

Port itself is at the top end, where in addition it also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which can serve as an S-video, if you buy a special cable. Of course, the Samsung Si9000 machine would not hurt for HDMI, but, apparently, Samsung does not consider this model to multimedia. At the lower end, Galaxy S is only a small hole-in microphone.


Top of the operating system Google Android 2.1 is installed in the device proprietary user interface Touch Wiz, which greatly increases the ease of use. The notification bar at the top of the screen allows you to enable or disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sound and vibration.

Samsung Galaxy Si9000

At the bottom of the screen are four icons – Phone, Contacts, Messaging and Applications. Another good point in Si9000 is the system of Google Voice Search, through which queries could be spoken aloud, but not be written. In addition, unlike other “guglofonov”, the unit features enhanced power setting.


The Galaxy Si9000 is not working as fast as you would like it if a powerful processor and 512 MB of RAM. Messaging application when you first start it takes some time, but sometimes even when you run Phone takes a few seconds. It is likely that when you upgrade the OS to version 2.2 some of the problems are gone, but you can’t call the Smartphone slow.

It should say that during testing it hung a few times. It is when we frankly overload it possible, using heavily multitasking operating system…!