Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0: A True Entrant Tablet Budget

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samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0

With an equally attractive building and lowered some specifications in the Galaxy Tab2 7.0 gives us almost everything we liked Samsung’s 7-inch tablet last, flows into the latest version and operating system Google Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, then lower the price tag.

Design and Build

With the exception of a bezel that extends beyond the top and bottom edges of the device, the construction of the Tab2 7.0 is almost identical to the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. The only other difference is that the Tab2 7.0 has no speaker located in the upper part of the front of the device, but it is not a significant loss, which can be found on the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus may be used only for VoIP calls. However, these complaints are relatively small users, especially those who are fans of small form-factor tablets will be pleased with the Galaxy Tab2 7.0, lightweight and slim.

Display and Speakers

With a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, the screen 7-inch Galaxy Tab2 7.0 is not the electrifying handset. Through grainy pictures, and even more brightness settings screen is not particularly bright and may suffer from glare. And visual hand is not particularly strong the colors do not pop at all especially compared with the recent Galaxy Tab 7.7 and AMOLED Super Plus display.

On the positive side, the display is not much of a drain on the battery, since it is not particularly bright or powerful and sensitivity, fortunately, is not a problem with the screen is perfectly responsive.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Tab2 7.0 sports a dual-core 1 GHz processor. It may not be a total power, and in this day and age, where manufacturers of tablets are migrating to quad-core processors, this may seem disappointing to some. To be honest, there is not much that the casual user will feel compelled to do on their tablet that would require much more processing power than that.

galaxy tab 2 7.0


Selection app pre-loaded on the Galaxy Tab2 7.0 is a relatively flat standard, including YouTube, Peel Smart Remote, Kindle, Netflix, Samsung and various “hubs” for games, music, media, and applications – that are just aggregators. In terms of productivity, there are some decent options, including Polaris Office, a photo editing software, and a video editing application.

Some of the most intriguing offerings include AllShare, which is an application that allows DLNA sharing with other DLNA-compatible devices. I always found the Samsung DLNA sharing is always well implemented in their products (including via AllShare), and it is surprisingly easy to set up multiple connections between my PCs, tablets, and even my TV via DLNA.

Connectivity and Cameras

The Galaxy Tab2 7.0 is a Wi-Fi only, no carriers to offer a 3G or 4G data connection. But it’s probably for the better because it helps keep the point of falling prices and it is one less thing to drain the battery. Establish a Wi-Fi network with the existing (and Bluetooth) through Android is a breeze, do not worry about running into roadblocks here. And connections have always been well maintained, I have never experienced a sudden disconnection or switching between multiple networks that are within range (a problem I’ve had with other Android tablets before).