Samsung GalaxyS: Designed For Consuming Information

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samsung galaxys

The Samsung GalaxyS may look like an iPhone 3GS wannabe, but its huge screen and lots of dynamic Smartphone characteristics makes it more than just another screen. Samsung has been on its strengths by offering great hardware and mostly leaving the software side of things to Google Android operating system.

Overall, GalaxyS is a Smartphone based on Android 2.1 (It means that you can still be better when the update to Froyo 2.2 is available) is a cellphone a little bigger than average and finished with a “piano” but with blue markings well hidden, so fingerprints will not be dirty. They can use this phone anywhere in the world thanks to its four bands and has 3G service. Don’t worry about the memory because it has an internal memory of 16 GB and space for a micro SD if still lacking.


The GalaxyS is one of those super AMOLED screens that give pleasure to watch. Its resolution and size are huge, allowing you to enjoy the colors and read everything without any problems. Its touch screen is easy to use and with adequate sensitivity especially for those with little patience.

The main screen has 7 panels where we can put almost anything. Photos, clock widgets for weather, news and other shortcuts to programs are something exceptional. There is a bottom panel where there are shortcuts to the phone, contacts, SMS / MMS and the full menu of applications.

Finally, GalaxyS has a physical button on the bottom front that always returns to the home screen and two sensitive buttons, one being the Android menu and the other is the back. The left side has the volume control and side Power button. At the top is the micro USB connection port and the hands free.

New User Experience

samsung galaxyS

The problem here in using GalaxyS is that the buttons do not light sensitive, so it is easy to lose sight. Only the usage time, we know that on the left is the options menu and the other side is the back button. Even lacks the central button illumination. This is a problem that new users will suffer but can be overcome with the use and custom.

The GalaxyS is very similar to the iPhone 3G with a plastic housing Black When bronze trim and gray. On the front there sensible touch buttons and a mechanical flat screen button to take the phone a sleek and stylish look that sets it apart from other button-laden phones that run on Android, as the HTC desire.


As I said, the GalaxyS has 7 customizable panels where we can place widgets, shortcuts or photos. Using them properly can save a lot of time and phone use to look up information. Android was the first to introduce the concept of multiple home screens here in the GalaxyS and it has taken a step further.


The only confusion in bringing Samsung GalaxyS into play is that there are 3 possible messaging clients: the SMS/MMS, the super powerful Samsung mail client and Android client default.


Find the mail icon ‘S’ on the top, Samsung mail client is the best I’ve seen…!