Unlocking iPhone: The Safest Way To Follow

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unlocking iphone

Unlocking or Jailbreak iPhone is often desirable when your much-loved mobile handset is locked to another carrier of your choice. Unlocking iPhone is the elimination of SIM controls on your desired handset, authorizing the iPhone service on any network service provider. However, not many service providers present the facility of iPhone jailbreak to apply on any other network.

Apparently, this is the most sensible alternative for unlocking an iPhone by your desired carrier. Nobody can carry out jailbreak or unlocking except those that made it locked originally. Therefore, you have to check with your desired service provider if they corroborate the required iPhone practical application, at first. If you are also one of those who are trying to find some ways for unlocking your iPhone, follow the tips and guidelines written below:


The basic intention for unlocking or jail-breaking  is if you desire to make use of it with some another mobile network carrier. To be precise for your desired unlocking, there are two methods. Either you can carry out a factory unlocking (or hardware unlocking, which is trespassing, it means that you will have to open the device manually), or you can perform software unlocking, which generally needs some kind of geek work involved.

unlock iphone

I don’t recommend the first option unless you got any practical know how in some kind of telecommunication. The second method, the software unlock is the much easier one and it doesn’t need any much time and skillfulness on your part. This can be as trouble-free as attach your handset to the laptop and you are done with unlocking any iPhone. But remember, you must follow the requirements and the different rules for jailbreak your iPhone.

Next, you have to identify the code type and modem code type of your iPhone. This is also known as base-band  You can easily find it out by visiting the settings of your iPhone and viewing the About section.

The Best Option for iPhone Jailbreak

For iPhone in your possession, seek advice from your desired carrier to make sure that they provide iPhone unlocking for your specific handset and that you are eligible to get this facility. If they allow this and you qualify for this procedure too, then ask them to unlock that particular iPhone, and after that stick to the points step-by-step as follow:

unlocking iphone jailbreak

Pay Attention!

These are some crucial guidelines to pay attention while you going for iPhone jailbreak…!

  1. Make certain that you’ve passed the suggested time for waiting mentioned by your service provider.
  2. Make a complete back up for your iPhone.
  3. Delete all of the existing data on your iPhone.
  4. Exchange your old carrier’s SIM card with your new one.
  5. Carry out the new setup for new carrier and bring back all of your backup data.
  6. A bonus tip for jailbreak iPhone and it is really the best practice to avoid modifying your iPhone software and/or iTunes; every modification could hinder or block future attempts for unlocking you handset.


Well this is all about iPhone jailbreak or unlocking in a couple of minutes! The most important point really is what edition type or modem type your handset is having, and accepting you can’t get any kind of unlocking iPhone solutions for 3.1.3 type if you have 05.12 modem types.